The Censorship Towel Blurs Out Your Naughty Bits

Ah yes, nudity; the one thing that can make things awkward and uncomfortable in the gym sauna  & showers (or a “too-close” incident at a pool party; I’ll leave it at that), plus the FCC doesn’t think too highly of it, either. However, we must remember that nudity can be very funny as well, especially when haphazard pixelation just increases the humor based on its design absurdity or the given fact that we ALL know what’s being covered up. Thankfully the Carmichael Collective, a Minnesota-based group, understands that humor and came up with the Censorship Towel, bringing to life that all-but-familiar, basic cable, blocky blur used to conceal any frontal or rear nudity on television.

Unfortunately, the censorship towel is only in its conceptual phase.  The Carmichael Collective is well-known for coming up with merchandise that showcases “creativity for creativity’s sake,” which is fancy-talk for saying that many of the cool ideas they come up with don’t necessarily turn into real, tangible products.  I guess I can deal with by boring, single-colored, prank-free linens for the time being. I’ll be waiting for this though….

[Thanks BuzzFeed & Carmichael Collective]

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