Lifehacker Debunks Popular 10 Tech Rumors; Still No Bigfoot Coverage

Also, Unicorns Poop iPhone 5’s…

We’ve all heard, talked about, and even fell for these assumptions/myths concerning computers, the internet, smartphones, and various other gadgets.  Thankfully, the wonderful crew at Lifehacker has put together a list with supplemental information that takes ten of those tech rumors down a peg. Hopefully, after reading their list, you will all be able to enjoy your techno-gizmos and whosey-whatsits without feeling duped and unprotected.

The list includes some favorites, such as: fully discharging your battery to prolong its life, jailbreaking and/or rooting your phone is illegal, wait for the newest processor since it’ll be “so much faster,” Macs are 100% safe from malware/viruses, public wifi is always safe, those “download this to make your computer run faster” programs, and those pesky retail store extended warranties. In reality, these myths just result in wasting your time, money, and risk messing up your precious gadgets. Click the link below, and check out Lifehacker’s top ten worst offenders in consumer technology myths.

[Thanks “Top 10 Pervasive Tech Myths That Are Only Wasting Your Time“]

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