Fan-Made “Tetris” Movie Trailer. Better than “Battleship”? Likely.

Okay class, raise your hands if you thought adapting the classic board game Battleship into a full-length motion picture was a great idea? Come on, Hasbro; at least Transformers had a STORY. At least if Battleship got the opportunity to become a film, what about other intellectual properties with no story? You know, I’ve recently given Tetris a little bit of love, so what about that?

Above is a fan-made trailer for a fictional live-action Tetris movie, made by Warialasky. The trailer sticks with the main essence of its gameplay, which is just about falling blocks and the ability to rotate and shift their direction.  Interesting, because I thought an easy (and obvious) story to attempt to attach to giving Tetris ANY type of storyline would be to insinuate that an attack of the falling blocks are a ploy by remnants of the old USSR, aiming for complete and utter world domination.

7 thoughts on “Fan-Made “Tetris” Movie Trailer. Better than “Battleship”? Likely.

    1. We can hope for at least a fan film. Well, that’s what I’m hoping for. I’ve seen the Metal Gear Philanthropy, Mega Man (by Eddie LeBron) and recent Portal fan films, and they were pretty awesome!


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