Gizmodo’s List of the 12 Biggest Missed Opportunities in Tech

The world of technology is full of success, but is mostly filled with failed, struggling and missed opportunities. This list created by Seth Porges of Gizmodo contains some companies and their products that, at one time, were very successful & innovative, but lacked any type of follow-through.  Many of the companies on this list had a great handle on a huge market or were the  first to venture into a new one, and just let it slip away.  Maybe they couldn’t expand fast enough, didn’t see that they were on to something huge, but somewhere along the way they tuned themselves out, and their ideas were scavenged and made successful by others.

Get ready to see some well known companies and projects that just fell asleep at the steering wheel, including, but not limited to, these that hit close to home:

  1. AOL’s constant “busy signal” connection failures (ahh, memories),
  2. Friendster (for, you know, existing),
  3. Blockbuster’s refusal to get with the program in a timely fashion,
  4. MySpace (ahh, more — and awkward, creepy– memories),
  5. Yahoo’s failure to realize the prized property it has,
  6. Palm (my first PDA was a Palm m105, then I went Tungsten E and E2, and then smartphone),
  7. Blackberry (my first smartphone, causing me to run to Android 2 years later).

[Gizmodo’s 12 Biggest Missed Opportunities in Tech]

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