Learn Geography….based on a possible Zombie Apocalypse!

Sorry fellow nerds, but no “The Great Gatsby” hat-trick/triple crown today.  However, I think this will do just fine.

Hockey and horse-racing terms aside, when it comes to education in America, we certainly can do better; we are declining in science and math, and many of our citizens are unable to even point out familiar states, provinces and countries on a map.  One could assume that this decline could in fact be the first step to a probable zombie apocalpse, and if so, thank goodness for educator David Hunter.  Hunter, a fan of geography AND zombies, developed a full middle school geography curriculum taught in the context of a Zombie Apocalypse. His project combines textbooks, teaching plans, and creative role-playing simulation to engage learning.  Teachers and students will be able to learn real world geographic concepts by learning and applying their knowledge to survive in a world flooded by zombies with help of the curriculum’s books and learning materials.

Hunter sets the tone of a learning environment using this unqiue method to teach middle school children geography:

“Imagine being in a classroom where instead of reading about maps, you’re designing them to show the spread of a zombie outbreak. Instead of reading about the distribution of resources on Earth in a textbook, you are researching available resources to plan your post-outbreak settlement. I’m not just talking about learning where places are or memorizing capitals of states or countries, I’m talking about learning the deeper concepts of geography that geographers actually use. And all in an exciting scenario.”

After conducting the necessary research, all of the geographic learning in the project are based on the national geography standards developed by:

  • The National Council for Social Studies,
  • The American Geographical Society,
  • The Association of American Geographers,
  • The National Council for Geographic Education, and
  • The National Geographic Society.

If you feel the need to donate to this cause, click the link below to head over to the “Zombie-Based Learning” Kickstarter page, watch the original pitch video, and (if possible) make a donation.  There are still only 8 days left (as of this posting), and it would be very interesting to see this alternative (yet still kind of common) method to help children learn.  This is definitely an innovative step up from remembering simple songs to memorize the continents, geometric shapes & patterns for physics equations, and mnemonics for SEVERAL other things.

[Thanks David Hunter & Kickstarter]


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