Want to Know How the Tupac “Hologram” Worked? *Coarse Language Ahead*

The big news this week in entertainment has been the recent return-from-the-dead (not really) of Tupac “2Pac” Shakur at the Coachella Music Festival, thanks to some very interesting technological means and methods.  It was instantly (and incorrectly) described as a “hologram,” although it was technically based on the usage of a projector that sent a 2D animated Tupac onto a reflective surface, that then reflected back to an invisible (to the audience) transparent foil screen to make him look 3D.  Check out the picture below for more simplified details.

I have to admit, this was very awesome to “watch” 2Pac perform “live” through this, mainly because I never had the opportunity to do so when he was alive.  I can only image how this presentation method can be further used in entertainment, maybe even lectures and/or other things.  Imagine being able to go see The Who in concert, and there’s a part of the concert where Keith Moon is playing the drums during a song, or a physics lecture at a university or civic center from Albert Einstein!  Oh my goodness, ideas, IDEAS, IDEEEEASSSS!!!!

Actually, I just assumed 2Pac and Elvis were working on a collaboration album this whole time…


Image result for 2pac hologram

[Thanks Gizmodo]

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