Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn, ECW Hardcore Heaven 1999

Rob Van Dam entered into a rivalry with Jerry Lynn in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in 1999, and he would defend the ECW World Television title at Hardcore Heaven (a rematch from their match 2 months prior at Living Dangerously) in a “no time limit” match. Since the match was deemed so good by ECW officials, wrestlers, and fans alike, ECW owner/promoter Paul Heyman aired it on ECW’s debut episode on TNN in place of a shoot (i.e., non-scripted, non-storyline) promo about TNN that he was planning, but was not allowed to air.  This turned out to be the beginning of ECW’s issues with that network due to the raw deal they had with TNN that put them at a disadvantage from the very start of they’re business relationship.

The first time I ever watched this match in it’s entirety was not on pay-per-view, but almost a year after it occurred, when I purchased my first ECW VHS tape entitled “ECW: Extreme Evolution” (and yes, I said VHS; they’ve been getting a lot of love from me this week).  The quality of the match reinforced Van Dam’s nickname of “The Whole F’n Show,” and even christened the new nickname for Jerry Lynn as “The NEW F’n Show.” Van Dam continued to defend the ECW World Television Championship for the remainder of the year, up until forfeiting the belt due to breaking his ankle.  Today, Van Dam is still wrestling, this time for Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, while Jerry Lynn is on a retirement tour, with his most recent match being with Texas-based Anarchy Championship Wrestling (ACW) for their “Peace, Love & Anarchy 2012” event on April 15th in Austin, Texas.

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