A New Use for VHS Tapes…Coffee Tables!!!

With the rise in digital media and the popularity of tangible video media through DVD and Blu-ray (and even HD-DVD for the stubborn), the VHS just cannot compete with the aforementioned digital media in terms of picture quality or audio fidelity.  However, the VHS  has a great sense of nostalgia; recording you favorite TV shows and movies for the first time, watching home movies, and the memories entangled with that feel, magic, and soul that good old analog-technology can provide. Thanks to T76 Designs in Amsterdam, this teak coffee table seeks to capture those emotions and memories in this piece of hand-crafted creativity.

Designed in Amsterdam and carved in Indonesia, the table measures 49-inches by 25.5-inches by 16-inches, and weighs approximately 80 pounds. If you look below, you can see some of the detailing even includes names of movies “recorded” onto the “tapes;” I guess after the release of “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” on Blu-ray was released, we can give Police Academy 4 some glory.  The limited edition piece retails for $1,980.00, and can be ordered via T76 Design’s email address.

[Thanks Technabob!]

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