Turn Fire into Electricity, Thanks to the PowerPot, a Portable Electric Generator!

This is the PowerPot, a power-generating pot utilizes thermoelectric modules in order to convert temperature differences into a 5-, 10- or 15-watt regulated power stream, necessary for powering up multiple USB devices (i.e., smartphones, GPS devices, LED lamps, etc.). While the traditional way to create those temperature differences is putting a pot of cold water over an open flame, the PowerPot is adaptable to other configurations (i.e., a pot filled with snow over a thermal spring).   Should you use the pot over fire method, you can also use the pot to boil water or cook food as you charge your USB gadgets.

The inventor currently has a polished and functional prototype that features fire-proof components, and now the team is turning to Kickstarter to assist in financing the project in order to begin production. Depending on how much money you pledge toward the project’s production, you can receive any variety of PowerPots, ranging from a 5-watt portable V flavor for a $125 donation, to the 15-watt XV for a $500 donation; you can also pre-order a 10-watt PowerPot X for a $199 donation. If you’re catching the extra-generous fever, there’s even an option to donate a PowerPot to folks in developing nations who may not have money to spare, but need any type of cost-effective solution to generate power.

[Thanks Kickstarter]

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