Want to See a Relaxing Rooftop Patio? Climb the In-House Rock Wall, FIRST!!

In order to ensure that the residents of this house are physically healthy and fit as a fiddle, the 3 Way House, designed by Japanese design team NAF Architect & Design, includes a rock-climbing wall in it’s courtyard that can be utilized to access its floors and rooftop patio.

However, if tackling the rock wall isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, you can still access the second floor and patio, but rather than stairs you’ll have to settle for using a series of angled ladders.  That kind of like entering a treefort; I hope you remember the secret password to gain entrance. Even though there are a set of stairs in the house, the set of  ladders connect all levels of the multi-story home, and the rock climbing wall that extends all the way to the rooftop from the courtyard remains the home’s main focal point.

[Thanks Inthralld & TechEBlog]

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