Sooooo, the “Racism-Curing” Pills Are Real?

I don’t know if I should be ecstatic at the thought of the perfect, happy world that would be able to eliminate all types of hatred and negativity, or frightened at the notion of a medical drug affecting the brain so much to cause such a result.  Hmmmm, what to think; what to think…

A research team of scientists at Oxford University have been working with this beta-blocker called Propranolol, which is often used to reduce blood pressure.  In the midst of the study, they discovered that the peripheral side effect of the beta-blocker is the reduction of subconscious racism/biases, usually triggered by our autonomic nervous system.  Allegedly, this drug can eliminate racism of the biologically-inherent variety (no so much brainwashed and tutored-to-hate, just our little subconscious, hidden-far-back-in-your-brain, rarely-pokes-its-head-out biases).

The Oxford study took 36 white males (repeat, WHITE MALES, so it’s a small sample to say the least) and gave 18 of them a 40mg of Propranolol, while giving the other half a placebo. After a set time of 2 hours, the men were asked to categorize words such as “happy” and “evil,” and also used images of black and white people’s faces. The study appeared to result with statistically relevant enough differences in the groups to have the scientists believe that the drug could really effect a person’s racial bias.  Now in theory this sounds pretty awesome, however — and this is me just attempting to cross the bridge that has not been, and likely never will be, crossed — I have to question the moral responsibility and cautionary risks of using drugs to completly render and control someone’s opinions, personality, and some amount of self-will; I know dozens-upon-dozens of drugs like that are currently available and have helped a lot of people, but I guess this is me just being a worry-wart.

Personally,  I’ll be more impressed after a much wider study sample is utilized, but until then, I guess a peace-loving guy can still dream…

[Thanks to the Telegraph]

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