NYC’s “Chinatown Fair” Arcade Has Some Quarters Left…

I know it looks like it's closing, but they're probably not!

Filmmaker Kurt Vincent was shooting some videos around the location of the now-defunct Chinatown Fair arcade this past week for his movie about the downfall of said mainstay video arcade in New York City (called “Arcade: The Last Night of Chinatown Fair”), when he stumbled-upon something interesting…

As Vincent was compiling more footage of the empty halls of the locale, he ended up meeting the new owner who was in the process of clearing the space and moving in some arcade cabinets back into the facility.  Now I shall issue this disclaimer: THERE IS NO OFFICIAL WORD TO 100% VERIFY THE REOPENING YET, but Vincent posted on his blog that he’d heard some  rumors about a possible reopening of Chinatown Fair, and there may be some traction to that claim based upon his run-in with the man he believes to be the new owner.

For my fellow gamers who are NYC residents, I hope you are squealing with glee at the possible reopening of this fixture of gaming culture. As for Vincent, it means he may have to change the movie’s storyline, or at least the ending; kind of like how they changed the ending to that Drew Barrymore-Jimmy Fallon movie.  Maybe if I ever visit the NYC, I may finally get a chance at checking the arcade out.

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4 thoughts on “NYC’s “Chinatown Fair” Arcade Has Some Quarters Left…

  1. I even rented a car when I visited Miami to go on a road trip to find old Arcades, we looked some up online but they were all closed when we got there >_< DAMN! I should start up my own old arcade!! I wanna play donkey kong, tempest and pacman!!!!


      1. Haha I sure will! I just need a good location and shitloads of cash to buy all the old arcade machines and have them shipped to Scandinavia! I’ll keep you updated ;D


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