From Shipping Containers to Starbucks Drive-Through, A Story of Evolution…

For those keeping track, this is not the first blog I’ve covered about the re-purposing of shipping container into buildings.  As I said then, “this presents a possible solution to repurposing the number of discarded shipping containers into homes in developing countries, it also provides a solution for first-time home buyers who are looking are trying to save as much money as possible.”  Apparently, many companies/corporations are starting to use this method for their places of business as well.

A group of in-house architects within the Starbucks corporation decided to repurpose some old shipping containers into a unique drive-through cafe, as opposed to letting the older industrial shipping containers wear out and be turned to scrap metal. This new structure is located in Tukwila, Washington, and the stacked containers (totaling four containers) give about 450 square feet of interior space. That may sound like a cramped and cozy fit, however it’s just large enough to accommodate three on-staff baristas in roughly a similar area they would occupy in a conventional Starbucks location.

This drive-through Starbucks structure is also LEED-certified, presenting Starbucks’ effort to increase the sustainability of its locations, while at the same time they can cut both environmental and operating costs. If this strategy becomes successful, we can expect to see many other companies attempting to take up a similar strategy for their own multiple store locations around the US.

[Thanks to Protein]

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