Mario Gets a Portal Gun In This Fan-Made Game


I love the Super Mario series; maybe not as much as Sonic, but the games are very enjoyable. Like most gamers my age who were born in the mid-1980’s, the Mario series have stuck with us for its accessibility and excellent platforming mechanic. I also enjoy the ground-breaking first-person puzzle game Portal; I recall purchasing The Orange Box in 2007 and being excited to play Half-Life 2, HL2: Episode 1, HL2; Episode 2, & Team Fortress 2, and asking myself “what the heck is ‘Portal’?” As of last week, much like how peanut butter & jelly were mixed to create something awesome, the original Super Mario Bros. game and Portal’s concept have been crossed-over.

Last week, indie studio Stabyourself released Mari0 (that’s a zero, not an an upper-case ‘O’), a remake of the original Super Mario Bros., however Mario has been equipped with a tiny Portal gun. Not only does the game have an incredible single-player campaign, the game also has four-player co-op, free downloadable content, game modifiers, map packs, a level editor, and…..wait for it…….HATS!

Mari0” is also universally compatible, meaning that it is readily available for download for Windows, Mac, & Linux. It has been brought up to the team at Stabyourself that many users have been having issues installing the game, so the studio created this forum thread to provide further assistance to get the game working on your platform of choice.

[Thanks to Mari0 by Stabyourself]

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