I Wouldn’t ‘Leggo’ of this LEGO Sydney Opera House set!

Behold the LEGO model of the Opera House...

I love, love, LOVE LEGOs!  I remember receiving my first 3 LEGO sets when I was 5 years old (just before I started Kindergarten) and having a blast building and playing with them.  As the years went on, I got more LEGO sets, and built several custom buildings for my own enjoyment.  Along with my interest in drawing, LEGOs were very inspirational to my pursuit of architecture in college and graduate school.

...and HERE's the real deal

LEGO has had an architectural collection (called “LEGO Architecture”) available for the past few years.  The Robie House, Farnsworth House, and Fallingwater are on my list to be my first LEGO purchases in over 15 years (Willis Tower and Burj Khalifa, not so much; nothing against the building, just the translation to LEGO form). However, this Sydney Opera House LEGO model is creeping its way onto that list; it’s a very nice, sleek, and small model project of the real thing.  This is one of the three “LEGO Architecture” model sets coming out this year (including London’s Big Ben and South Korea’s Namdaemun Gate). The set is priced at $40 — the model number is 21012 — and it includes 270 pieces.

Well, I guess it’s time to pull my LEGO Maniac jacket out of the closet.

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