The Dog House Frank Lloyd Wright Built is Better than Fallingwater (/sarcasm)

Now, I know that I may cause some sort of crap-storm for saying — or writing….or typing — this, but to anyone who studied and/or attended lectures about architecture may recall some stories concerning Frank Lloyd Wright’s well-documented reputation for having an ego, sometimes being a jerk; but hey, nobody’s perfect. However, despite that, this project shows that he did have a soft spot for children who were fans of his work (or the better to stroke his ego with…..yeah, nevermind).

In 1956, 12-year-old Jim Berger wrote to the acclaimed architect Mr. Wright, requesting a set of blueprints for a dog house he wanted to build for his family’s pet. In return, Mr. Wright sent plans that showcased his personal design stylings and perfectly complimented the design of the house to which the dog house would be attached.

The dog house measured at four (4) square feet and was built from mahogany and cedar scraps saved from the main house’s construction. The dog house was eventually built by Berger’s family 7 years later in 1963 . Hmm, if I had known about this story when I was 10 years-old, I would have written a letter to Frank Gehry to design my first dog’s house rather than built my own from large cardboard boxes and packing tape.

P.S.: I would like to apologize for the link embedded in the word “nobody’s” in the first paragraph.  You have been warned.

[Thanks Architects and Artisans via Neatorama]

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