WELCOME The Brand New PractitioNERD



Yeah, I have hopped, skipped, and jumped from Blogger to WordPress.  Why?  Mainly just the options and features that WordPress has available has finally caught my attention, plus WordPress was the very-close second pick to starting the PractitioNERD blog to Blogger in the first place.  Also, since I like to begin/edit/publish my blog posts on my Android phone, the WordPress app and MILES AHEAD of what I like to see in my blogging apps over the offering of the Blogger app,  and thus more useful and necessary for The PractitioNERD blog.  Over the next few weeks, all new content will to uploaded to the new WordPress blog, while the new blog itself will also have earlier posts updated.

I’m so excited!! I’m NERDING out, here!!

So...What Do You Think?

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