"Entertainment Weekly" shadows WWE’s Stephanie McMahon

I remember back on the late 1990’s when you couldn’t read a magazine of almost ANY type without seeing a pro wrestler from WWE (or WWF) or WCW on the cover or featured in a story (I have an issue of freakin’ TIME magazine from early 2000 covering the McMahon-Helmsley Era storyline and the lead-up to it).

In the most recent issue of Entertainment Weekly (released January 20th), WWE’s Executive Vice President of Creative Stephanie McMahon, was shadowed by the writers as part of the magazine’s “What Did You Do Today?” series, offering a look into the busy day of one of the most powerful and hard-working people in entertainment.

EW followed McMahon to take a peek into her life for a jam-packed 14-hour workday, ranging from: taking two of her daughters to school with her husband, Executive Vice President of Talent Triple H, meeting with WWE Studios executives about plans for the Sundance Film Festival (including the one-on-one meetings with her father, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon).

The issue is in newstands NOW!

[Thanks WWE.com]

One thought on “"Entertainment Weekly" shadows WWE’s Stephanie McMahon

  1. Gotta respect Stephanie for all of the hard work she’s put into making the WWE the force it is today. I rememeber when she first became a character on the shows back in ’99 and never would’ve thought she’d become one of the true powerbrokers of the wrestling industry.


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