The (impending) Death of Hudson

Hudson Soft (or just “Hudson”), the gaming company popular for the Bomberman, Bonk, and –my personal favorite of the three- Adventure Island series, will be officially absorbed by new parent company, fellow gaming business Konami, on March 1st, 2012.
After Hudson’s North American division offices closed down on March 31st of last year (with their final tweet saying “Dear Hudson fans. Thanks for your support for all these years! We’ll be closing our account tomorrow. Please follow our titles @Konami“), it seemed to be just a matter of time before the rest of Hudson would be snatched by Konami, or (more desirably), the properties that the company was popular for would continue to live on in some form. After the closure of the North American offices, the company focused more on mobile content. Then, the news came from this Japanese article that offically stated that all remains of Hudson will be absorbed by Konami on March 1, and that the Hudson name will likely be retired (though possibly remain for the purpose of existing Hudson properties).

Tis’ a sad, sad story. Long live Bonk.  Long live Master Higgins.  Long live Bomberman. Long live Hudson.

[Thanks Destructoid]

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