This 360 House Goes Around-and-Around-and-Around-and-Around……

What you see is the 30 House, located in Galapagar, Madrid, Spain, and desinged by architecture firm Subarquitectura.  This project began a an attempt to solve the problem of creating a house with a public program of social relation, maintaining the large family’s private life, and have it located on a sloped area of land with great views.
The result came when Subarquitectura arranged the house to form into a 360º loop.  This made possible the opportunity to take advantage of numerous areas to view the surrounding landscapes and reach all areas of the house through two routes (increasing spacial use).  This design solution also creates two methods of user circulation at once: going up/down while looking outwards.
“The result is the literal construction of a use diagram. In this instance, form does not follow function, but is instead function itself. Cyclical movement, routine and surprise turn into a way of living.”

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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