Happy "Friday the 13th" Everyone……What’s That Noise?!?

The 2009 Remake was all types of AWESOME!!

If there is any horror/slasher movie series that I enjoy the most, it would definitely be the “Friday the 13th” series.  In other words, if Jason Voorhees himself put his machete to my neck and gave me one choice for favorite horror/slasher film series, it’s going to be “Friday the 13th” (an not JUST because he was directly threatening me or anything like that).

Everything about the series intrigues me; from the seemingly inept teenagers just asking to be taken down by Mr. Voorhees, to the advancement of the series’ storyline/cannon and its universe.  I enjoyed the better films of the series (Parts 2, 4: “The Final Chapter”, 6: “Jason Lives”, “Freddy vs. Jason”, and the 2009 re-imagining — in which I wore my Jason mask all day during my grad school classes and to the theater to watch it), to the so-so films (Parts 1, 7: “The New Blood”, and “Jason X”) and the flamingly-awful ones (Parts 3: “3D”, 5: “A New Beginning”, 8: “Jason Takes Manhattan”, and “Jason Goes To Hell”; which I deem the WORST).

My earliest memories of the watching the movies might have been when I was 8 years old and saw the trailer to “Jason Goes To Hell” — coincidently, the worst of the series — on the First Choice pay-per-view channel (hands-up if you remember First Choice).  After that, I was able to only watch the films on TNT Monstervision (hands-up, anyone?), usually hosted by Joe Bob Briggs, or on the cable movie channels, and I got caught up with the lore of the tragic story of Jason Voorhees.  It wasn’t until my freshman year at Texas A&M when I started purchasing and collecting the entire “Friday the 13th” movie series on DVD (which is now complete)!

I now leave you with “The Top 13 Moments” of the Friday the 13th franchise, as selected by James Rolfe — a.k.a. “The Angry Video Game Nerd” — of Cinemssacre.com.  Enjoy the video, and please remember to avoid the Jason-chant, never investigate weird sounds, and NEVER run/hide upstairs.

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