Hack a Desk Lamp into a Webcam Mount

Have I mentioned about how much I love Instructables?  Have I also mentioned how much I love Lifehacker?  Well, let the lovefest continue.  

In the near future, I wish to re-purpose a 3-year old Fujifilm digital camera of mine that I don’t use as much anymore (thank you Android smartphone; Samsung Epic 4G, if you’re curious) into a adjustable/mounted camera should I ever wish to film my own original content.  Where else would I turn to but Lifehacker and Instructables?

Instructables user BrianAndrewParker gives step-by-step instructions and photos on how he (and you) can hack a $9 Ikea Tertial Lamp into an adjustable camera mount, which involves replacing the lamp with your webcam/camera to gain a much wider range of motion and height. You would need to remove the lamp assembly and power cord, then later attach the camera unit to the end of the adjustable arm with some super glue or, as suggested by Lifehacker and Mr. Parker, some Sugru.

[Thanks Lifehacker and Instrucables]

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