A Sunroom With Retractable Doors and Rotates?! What Magic Is This?!

If adding one of those sunrooms to the back of your house (you know, like the ones in those TV and magazine ads) seems too vanilla and tacked-on for your taste, maybe this Opensun veranda sun room will pique your interest and raise your eyebrows.Similar to your now-a-day common retractable-roofed sports stadiums (just turned to its side), these Opensun verandas have retractable walls, turning the aspect of a sunroom into an open padio.  This enables desirable natural light, breezes, and even your family pets (as well as local wildlife; you may want to be careful with that aspect, though).  Its kind of like a hybrid of sunrooms and open verandas, shielding us from the elements and wildlife, while at the same time, somewhat exposing us to those same things.

Not only are the retractable doors a feature, but the Opensun veranda also features a mechanism the allows the space to rotate.  This can be utilized best to allow for optimum views of the surrounding areas, which could be useful for businesses like resorts and restaurants because it provides the option to keep these spaces closed during bad weather days.

Should the Opensun veranda be piquing your interest (as I though it might), keep in mind that this is NOT some weekend, DIY-type of project (unless you have the means of the resources involved).  The price of this has not be revealed yet, but I would expect to burn a hole roughly the size of the sun in your wallet.*

*So you MUST have a BIIIIG wallet….

[Thanks Opensun (hope you have a translator handy) & Fancy]

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