Broadcom’s New Gigabit-Speed WiFi; BEHOLD THE POWER!!

Wireless card manufacturer Broadcom just released the news of their first gigabit Wi-Fi cards that  are reportedly up to three times faster and six times more efficient than WiFi cards that are already available.  They plan on revealing the new technology at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Their new 802.11ac chips are based on 5G WiFi, the soon-to-be next generation standard of Wi-Fi. The three (3) chips in particular —BCM4360, BCM4352, BCM43526 and BCM43516—use an 80 MHz channel bandwidth which is two times wider than the channel on similar types/styles of existing products. It other words, that creates a great opportunity to undertake very bandwidth-hungry tasks like downloading HD video (from Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, etc), as well as online PC gaming (via conventional methods, flash browser games, Steam, Origin, etc.).

Broadcom’s new WiFi chips should also have a great effect on mobile a well, as content can be downloaded at a faster rate, switch handsets to low-power mode quicker (thus saving battery life since using LTE won’t instantly drop your battery’s charge in half.

[Thanks Broadcom & Engadget]

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