The $1 Smartphone Projector

If you keep track of tech or just happen upon a projector at your local store or newspaper ad, you’ll notice how expensive they can be.  If you’re thinking about creating your own projector for, of all things, your smartphone on the cheap, then Instructables user “iamaledgend” has a little project for you to take a peek at.

You’ll need the following items: a magnifying glass, shoebox, tape, LEGOs, and, of course, your smartphone.  Next, you’ll place the phone inside the shoebox, close it, and now you have a decent-quality projected image of your phones’ screen on your wall. HOORAY, movie night!! What happens is that the screen image flips as it goes through the magnifying glass (which would render subtitles useless; they’ll be backwards), so make sure you lock the rotation in place on your phone as it is upside-down if it has an accelerometer (a fixture of most smartphones nowadays).

[Thanks Instructables!]

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