Kinda Creepy FuncoLand Training Video…

Ah yes, FuncoLand; the precursor of the big-‘ol brick-and-mortar buy new/used and sell retail videogame stores.  I remember venturing FuncoLand numerous times back in the day, shopping for games for my Genesis, Game Gear, and Master System (yes, I was a SEGA kid; I even got the Game Gear TV tuner from there).

Well, in subsequent years, as result of business decisions and some sort of weird reverse osmosis, FuncoLand became the store we know (and love?) as GameStop, taking EB Games and Babbages along with them.  While, techinally, FuncoLand is no more, thanks to the all-powerful internet, their hideous and hilarious training video lives on forever (at lease until the zombie apocolypse occur).

So...What Do You Think?

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