The Mirrorcube Treehouse: Your Next Online Purchase?

Have you ever been so in touch with nature that you just have the urge to live amongst the trees? Ok, let me turn the drama down a little bit; Swedish architecture firm Tham and Videgård had been working on a conceptual house called the “Treehotel.” The goal of the prefabricated structure is to be able to provide cheap, sustainable living while being suspended among trees. AND YOU CAN BUY ONE NOW!!

The “Treehotel” was later renamed “Mirrorcube” (which makes more sense after viewing the reflective exterior in the pictures), and is a four-cubic-meter house is made of aluminum, glass, and wood. The interior spaces of the house are divided into a living space, bedroom, bathroom, and an upper terrace (sorry, no kitchen), and can house up to four people. The house is also fully wired for electricity, comes fully furnished, contains a freeze-toilet to provide environmentally-safe/concious sanitation, and the house can last up to 30 years. When you purchase the house, it is constructed into two halves, which are then delivered and later installed around the tree of your selection by Tham and Videgård.

That said, if you are interested it living your dream by living in the trees, it will set up back $373,422.50. Go ahead and get the change out of your Frank Gehry-inspired piggy banks (granted that you’ll recognize it and figure out how to open it up).

[Thanks Mirrorcube, Architizer & Dezeen]

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