"Yakuza: Dead Souls" is Coming to the US in 2012!! MOAR ZOMBIES!!

The Yakuza video game series by SEGA (known in Japan as Like a Dragon) is one of the more underrated critical darlings in gaming.  It can best be described as the Japanese version of Rockstar Games’ popular Grand Theft Auto series, mixed with the short-lived Shenmue series, also made by SEGA.  SEGA is currently working on releasing a new side-story to the Yakuza series with the release of Yakuza: Dead Souls (or Like a Dragon Of The End in Japan) for the PlayStation 3 in North America and Europe in March 2012 (the game has been available for purchase in Japan since June 9th, 2011).

The game itself is a huge departure from the main series storyline, taking place during the events a zombie outbreak in Kamurocho in April of 2011, when the residents of the city have become zombies. The Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (which is Japan’s army) was called in to contain the outbreak, but were unsuccessful in doing so, and only one soldier is still alive, Misuzu Asagi. During these events, the legendary former yakuza, Kazuma Kiryu returns from Okinawa after receiving a phone call from a mysterious man who has kidnapped Haruka Sawamura. Now, four men are the only hope and are the only ones who can defend the city and ultimately save it- the mysterious money-lender Shun Akiyama, feared yakuza and construction company owner “Mad Dog” Goro Majima, the recently awoken from deep sleep Dragon of Kansai, Ryuji Goda, and Kazuma Kiryu.  So it’s almost like Zombieland, but Japanese and taking place mostly in the red district!!

Check out the announcement trailer for Yakuza: Dead Souls below, and GET HYPED UP!!

[Thanks to Destructoid for the cover image]

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