Grantland’s Shane Ryan on Ric Flair’s Personal Struggles…


Man, it really sucks to hear anything negative about someone you respect and admire.  When it comes to professional wrestling, one of the names that gets tossed out among a discussion of “the best ever” is Ric Flair, the “Nature Boy” himself.  We’re talking about a man who legitimately broke his back in a plane crash and managed to come back to have on of the most decorated and prolific careers in the history of professional wrestling.

Back in late-August of this year, Grantland’s Shane Ryan wrote a very lengthy article focusing on the personal struggles Ric Flair is currently dealing with, and has been dealing with for the last 20+ years, including (but not limited to) physical health issues, lawsuits, allegedly questionable investments, multiple divorces, arrests, alleged acts of physical violence, and much more.  Though much of the research done for the article is based on actual reports and even Flair’s own 2004 autobiography “To Be The Man,” Ric Flair has threatened to sue Grantland over the particular falsehoods of the story.

Check the links below to read the article from Grantland (which is QUITE a long, yet interesting read) and the story on Deadspin about the threatened lawsuit.  Go ahead and take a gander for yourselves.

[Thanks Grantland and Deadspin]

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