Turn Your USB HDD’s into a NAS with LaCie’s LaPlug…FOR $75 BUCKS!!

There’s this company that I have never heard before of until today called LaCie, and apparently they have a history of creating and releasing network storage devices that are visually restrained in design in their presentation (by the way, that’s fancy talk for saying that most of their devices look like boxes).  There’s the LaCie “CloudBox” that works as a hybrid 100 GB HDD that backs up your data locally AND in the cloud simultaneously, and the LaCie “Wireless Space” (it’s kind of like Apple’s “Time Capsule”) that works as a network-attached storage (NAS) local backup drive AND and wireless (WLAN) router.
The current LaCie device that I’m so exited about, and completes this holy trinity of tech devices that are winning me over, is the LaCie “LaPlug.”  The LaPlug can take any USB HDD and turn it into a NAS, meaning that from any USB HDD you plug into any of the 4 USB inputs, you can wirelessly stream and access data (music, videos, files, pictures, etc.) all across your home network (and some remotely accessible locations), thanks to the gigabit ethernet port and WiFi B/G/N features.  You can also stream your media to other network computers and other devices that are UPnP/DLNA certified, which includes the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and any compatible smartphone and tablet.  Not only can you access and stream media, but the LaPlug also allows you to back up your files through the device itself.  But wait, here’s the best part: the LaPlug is available RIGHT NOW and only costs $75!!!
If you wish to know more details about the LaPlug, check out their website (linked in the first sentence of this entry; you know, the only you probably just passed over, GO BACK TO IT), and check out this video below.
[Thanks Engadget & LaCie]

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