Cut Your Energy Bill By 1/3 with Modern Tech & Common Sense

This image from Lifehacker pretty much explains the post and linked article…

With the economy still slowly recovering and as people struggle with finances to pay their bills and their debts, many people are looking into and developing strategies on how to better save money.  For example, many people have been figuring out how to better budget their money for their utility bills (like water and power), because not too many things suck more than receiving that expensive utility bill seemingly out of nowhere.

A couple of months ago, Jason Chen submitted a blog post to Lifehacker(one of my FAVORITE websites) on the changes he made, after receiving a $300 energy bill, to attempt to cut his that bill by one-third utilizing some technological know-how and general common sense. He wrote about how he performed some of the common sense tasks (i.e., turning off lights/electronics/computers/TV’s/etc. when not using them, unplug stuff you rarely use, and cutting down use of AC), using store-bought items and/or phone apps to find what electronics are using up so much power, and more technical tasks (i.e., switching to energy efficient light bulbs, using lamp timers, using smart power strips, and buying chargers that know when the devices are charged enough).

If you want to check out more details behind Jason’s strategy, click HERE to read the complete article, and see which of these methods you might want to use to assist in decreasing your energy bill.

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