Concrete Tubing Recycled into Affordable "All-Tube" Hotel

Upon initially seeing this picture below, the first thought that came to mind was:

“This is probably what the ‘Swiss Family Robinson’ would have built if the story took place in the late 20th-to-early 21st century.”

This is the “Tubohotel,” located in Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico, which is less than an hour away from Mexico City.  The hotel was designed by T3arc, whose goal was to swiftly build a hotel at a low cost, and it is an affordable hotel that utilizes recycled concrete tubing for the rooms, which allows the rooms to showcase some amazing views of the area’s landscape and natural features.  The Tubohotel is said to have been inspired by architect Andreas Strauss’ Das ParkHotel. In contrast, the Tubohotel’s concrete modules have included some glass to provide better panoramic views for the guests (mainly of the local mountain range, Sierra del Tepozteco). Legend has it that Tepoztlan (the site of the Tubohotel) is the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl, Mexico’s ancient feathered serpent god.  

Man, it’s like I see Sam Fisher EVERYWHERE!!
Now, many of us who have studied or have knowledge of architecture and construction understand that producing concrete creates a huge ecological footprint on the planet, however, by recycling concrete, this project uses it as a more eco-friendly building material.  The room modules, for the most part, are arranged in stacked pyramids of three tubes, and the top room of every pyramid can be accessed by a set of stairs. This design strategy was implemented to free up the wooded site.  Inside each unit, there contains a queen-sized bed and curtains to provide some additional privacy.
The entire construction phase of the Tubohotel took only 3 months, and the hotel is currently operating as of the year 2010 (reaching their goal of getting the building finished quickly). Their other goal was accomplished by targeting this hotel to budget travellers, charging only 500 pesos (or $43 USD) per night.  According to Tubohotel’s website, the hotel has two bathroom houses, private showers, on-site toilets, and local cuisine with a celebrity chef residing nearby.

[Thanks The Tubohotel, & ArchDaily]

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