A SEGA OutRun arcade cabinet, that ACTUALLY DRIVES!!

Above is the creation of Garnet Hertz (with a little help by SEGA; I would assume), who, along with his UC-Irvine colleagues, developed this video game concept car that combines a car-shaped arcade game cabinet with a real world electric vehicle. In a nutshell, Hertz and his team produced an OutRun arcade video game system that actually drives. I’m serious; this is a driving videogame, in which the actual game cabinet itself ACTUALLY DRIVES (I know, right?!?)!!!  

A research team at the University of California at Irvine is ultimately aiming to create gaming therapy systems for quadriplegics, yet along the way they’ve created a hybrid vehicle involving an electric golf cart and an OutRun cabinet. While it seems like you’re playing the actual OutRun game, in reality you’re really not; the golf cart has two video cameras scanning the environment in front of the car, while custom software analyzes what they see, then the software displays rendered 8-bit graphics of the road on screen.

Gizmag says that the software is unable to see things like other cars yet, so it’s very advisable that you wouldn’t want to hit the streets of the real road with this awesome contraption. Check out this Concept Lab project at this website for more videos and information.

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