Please WWE, bring back the old Undisputed Title Belt


This Sunday at WWE SummerSlam, WWE Champion John Cena will face WWE Champion CM Punk.  Yes, you read that correctly; both men are recognized as WWE Champion.

Here’s some backstory: Punk defeated Cena last month for the title at the “Money in the Bank” pay-per-view, his contract expired that midnight, and he left WWE.  I posted a previous blog concerning WWE entrance music that featured an article that mentions the Punk/Cena/WWE storyline. The next night, the title was vacated, and the following week, Cena won the vacant title.  Then that night, Punk returned, with a new contract and HIS WWE Championship belt.  At SummerSlam, both titles will be unified into an Undisputed WWE Championship, and this brings me to my topic; John Cena has been a multiple-time champion since 2005, and the form of the WWE Title was customized and changed into what’s known as the “Spinner” WWE Title (to go with Cena’s hip-hop/rebel persona).

It’s SPINNIN’ Cena, It’s SPINNIN’! It’s SPINNIN’ Cena, It’s SPINNIN’! 

However, for the past few years, that belt’s form was worn thin with me (and some other fans I converse with), and I feel that the new Undisputed WWE Championship belt should resemble the form it was from early-2002 to early-2005 (shown at the beginning of the post).  This not a anti-John Cena bias blog post (as I love what both Cena and Punk bring to the table that is professional wrestling), just a gripe concerning that style and symbolism of the current “Spinner” WWE Title belt.  Let me list my TWO main reasons:

1) The “Spinner” WWE Title belt works well with John Cena’s persona, and not necessarily everyone else.

Here’s John Cena (Hip-Hop/Rebel) again. It fits, now doesn’t it.  

In the early 2000’s, spinners & hip-hop went together like peanut butter & jelly, and since Cena’s persona was that of a hip-hop star and a rebel, this belt suited him very well.  He had previously done it with the United States Title, and when he lost that title, it went back to its original form.

Note that his name is permanently on the belt,
intending it to be Cena’s belt, and CENA’S BELT ONLY.

Now, to my fellow wrestling fans, think about how the “Spinner” belt looked on Randy Orton (Methodical Sociopath-like, shown below), The Miz (Mr. Hollywood/MTV), Rey Mysterio (Mexican Luchador), Edge (Rock Star), and Sheamus (Irish Warrior).  Sounds and feels kinda odd and off, right?

Now, here’s Stone Cold Steve Austin (Redneck/Rebel) with his customized “Smoking Skull” WWE Championship belt.
Fits too, right?  
Words Unnecessary.

Question: Remember who else held this belt while they were WWE Champion? Trick question; no one did, (sure, The Rock had “possession” of it for a brief time, but he never held that belt as champion) because when someon else was champion, they used the exisitng WWE Title belt, not this customized version.  In the history of the WWE, many champions had their belts customized to fit their persona. The list of such wrestlers include:

A] “Superstar” Billy Graham (red leather strap)
B] The Ultimate Warrior (white, blue, and purple leather straps)
C] Sgt. Slaughter (purple leather strap, changed to original black strap after defeating The Ultimate Warrior)
D] “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (“Smoking Skull” belt)
E] John Cena (Spinner belt with free-motion “spinner” WWE logo in the center)
F] Edge (Modified “Rated-R Superstar” spinner belt, BASED ON CENA’S VERSION; look below)
G] The Miz (Modified spinner design with upside down WWE logo simulating the letter M, ALSO BASED ON CENA’S VERSION; look below)

Hmmmm, THIS look kinda familiar….
Gee, I wonder where he got the idea from?

Based on that, I feel that a clean break needs to be made from Cena’s persona-based customized WWE Title belt and the new Undisputed WWE Championship belt (whether Punk or Cena win at SummerSlam), focused more on the WWE as a whole, and less focused on John Cena.

2) The old Undisputed WWE Title belt is classy and distinguished, much like SmackDown’s World Heavyweight Championship, and many other World Titles before it.

Classy & Distinguished.  Why, I Declare!!

The “Spinner” belt would look cool because it would appear that the crews of West Coast Customs and GAS from MTV’s Pimp My Ride worked on it.  The problem is that Pimp My Ride stopped being cool when the customizing went overboard and gaudy; much like this customized belt.

Yo Dawg, I heard you like spinners and stupidly-gaudy diamonds,
so we hooked you up and put spinners and stupidly-gaudy diamonds on yo belt!!!

Here’s the current WWE World Heavyweight Championship on SmackDown.
Classy and distinguished, huh?   
Oh you fancy, huh?!?

It comes off as bold and powerful because it uses a very simple design.  This belt is based on the older WCW World Heavyweight Championship (nicknamed “Big Gold Belt”), which also stemmed from WCW’s roots in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and once served as that promotion’s world championship belt.

The National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Championship;
old-school, classy, & simple
The Ring of Honor (ROH) World Heavyweight Championship;
abstract, yet symmetrical and classy

To close, I feel that the new Undisputed WWE Championship Belt (assuming a newer belt is made) needs to be focused more on the WWE as a whole, and less focused on one superstar/wrestler.  While it may be fine and well for John Cena to hold on the “Spinner belt” whenever he’s the WWE Champion because it works for him and his persona, it doesn’t look right on other wrestlers with different personalities, and it subliminally makes Cena the entire focus (and the face) of the Championship and that title’s picture.  I also feel that older Undisputed title belt never got it’s fair shake since it never returned to the WWE after Cena won the title in March 2005.  It may be time for the WWE to dig back into its past for the benefit of its future.


Rant Over.

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