Spongebob Squarepants IS REAL…well, it’s a Fungus

And it’s proven and discovered…BY SCIENCE!!!

The above picture is the fungus called Spongiforma squarepantsii.  Yeah, no fooling; that’s the actual scientific name.  This fungus was discovered in the rain-forests of Borneo last year by a group of researchers who, after noticing its behavior similar to a sponge, named it after the famous Nickelodeon cartoon character.  So, he doesn’t quite “live in a pineapple, under the sea,” but more-or-less “in the rain-forest, under a tree.”

Described as a “vaguely fruity, strongly musty” scented creature, Spongiforma squarepantsii (you know what, let’s just call him “Spongebob;” it’s more fun that way), doesn’t only have the unique feature of acting as a sponge, but it also resembles a brain.  What Spongebob actually does (see, that IS more fun) is it keeps its spores wet by absorbing water at any amount –down to the tiniest amount–, thus allowing it to revive quickly and reproduce in case it dries out. Kinda like in the movie

Man, now I’m craving for a Krabby Patty…..

[Thank you Gizmodo and MSNBC]

2 thoughts on “Spongebob Squarepants IS REAL…well, it’s a Fungus

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