‘Pancakes & Powerslams’ with D’Lo Brown!

I’ve made it no secret here at The PractitioNERD that I’m a huge fan (read “mark”) for D’Lo Brown or that I credit him for getting me back into wrestling and for being possible the most entertaining European Champion in WWE history (in my honest opinion).  Recently, the Pancakes and Powerslams Show was had D’Lo Brown on as a special guest host, as he was promoting his new D’Lo Pro Wrestling Academy (you know, teaching the future how to properly wag their heads around and how they better recognize). Brown had plenty to discuss regarding his time WWETNA and Japan. (more…)

An 1-Hour 42-Minute Speedrun in… ‘Fallout: New Vegas’?!?

The above speedrun video is brought to us from Many A True Nerd, as this time he speedruns through Fallout: New Vegas. Yes, you read that correctly; FALLOUT: NEW VEGAS! If that didn’t sound insane enough, he completes this speedrun on hardcore mode without eating, drinking, or sleeping, and he pulls it off. Also, before you ask, yes; he has accomplished something equally crazy like this before…

Ladies & Gentlemen, The Full-Sized LEGO Car!

Praise Jesus; THIS IS A THING!!! Raul Oaida built a full-sized car out of nearly 500,000 (that HALF-A-MILLION) LEGO pieces that actually FREAKING drives. The 256-cylinder engine is powered by compressed air and reached a top speed is 20 mph. Seriously, this is a stunning and clever achievement in technology, but my favorite things about this LEGO car is that 256-cylinder engine and that the car’s windshield is built out of two dozen tiny LEGO windshields. (more…)

Check Out These Tiny Apartments in America’s Oldest Mall!

Image: Northeast Collaborative Architects

While I’ve seen the Windsor Park Mall in San Antonio, Texas thrive, then die, and then become the current San Antonio headquarters for Rackspace, this method of retrofitting a former mall into an micro-apartment complex (in which the units range from 225 to 800 sq. ft.) is very interesting! These are the Arcade Microlofts in Providence, Rhode Island. The original Arcade shopping center played a huge role in the history of shopping in America, as it was built in the 1820s, back when the idea of a series of shops inside the same enclosed building was a novelty. Instead of a main street lined with several independent stores, the Arcade offered shopping as a form of entertainment rather than a chore.  In the luxurious Arcade, filled with lovely wrought iron balconies and a hulking neoclassical facade, you were sheltered from weather, pollution, and the outside world, much like how today’s malls are. (more…)

Computers-On-A-Stick – Doc’D #22

In this month’s technology-themed episode (thanks to the encouragement from my buddy Jessica Brown of Allahweh’s Domain) of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the computer-on-a-stick phenomenon. (more…)

“The Best Is Yet to Come” – Live @ PAX South (The Returners VGM & Lauren the Flute)

We’re FINALLY Getting an Owen Hart DVD Collection!


At this point, WWE recent DVD retrospective have dug into almost every nook and cranny of the company’s deep history, including areas no-one expected them to go, such as the Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage, Bret Hart, etc. There was the exception regarding WWE being very reluctant to showcase any footage of Owen Hart, likely from not wanting to remind anybody of his tragic passing under their watch during a live pay-per-view event and from settling a name and likeness compensation dispute with is widow Martha two years ago.  Well, prepared to be shocked as on May 7th (which would have been Owen’s 50th birthday), Wrestling DVD News has revealed that WWE is working on an full Owen Hart DVD/Blu-ray retrospective documentary project, and it’s being made with the support and backing of the main and extended Hart family, except from Martha Hart and her immediate family.


While it will be great to see Owen’s matches on Blu-ray, it still disappointing that the 16 years of litigation and acrimony between WWE and Owen Hart’s family is still ongoing. However, I’m very happy to finally see an Owen Hart collection, and if you’re so inclined, along with purchasing the collection upon its release, PLEASE consider donating to the Owen Hart Foundation to support funding hospitals, women’s shelters, scholarships and purchased homes for low-income families.


[Thanks Wrestling DVD]

Gamer Beats Mega Man X and X2 At The SAME TIME…with the SAME Controller!

I guess SOMEONE has to keep the ‘Mega Man’ love going; Capcom sure isn’t doing anything so far…

It common knowledge in the retro-gaming community that beating either Mega Man X or Mega Man X 2 is a satisfying, yet difficult feat. Now, beating them both classic games at once? Now THAT’S pretty freaking amazing. NOW, beating them both at once using the SAME CONTROLLER? Well that’s just plain insane; in the membrane, even. Well, that’s exactly what YouTuber Aura Puffs (via Reddit) seems to be, as he complete both games simultaneously using the same Super Nintendo controller, WHILE collecting all X upgrades in each level. Above is the full nearly three-hour run below, or if you want a Michael Bay-esque experience you can skip to the 2:43:15 mark to see the end bosses from both games explode at the same time.

Oh dear God…

I hope I didn’t give Bay anymore movie ideas…. :-(

The CHIP aims to become a $9 Raspberry Pi killer

I love my Raspberry Pi, and when it was first released it was GAME CHANGER when it hit shelves at only $35. But with the addition of other DIY micro-computers to ‘chip’ (wait for it) into the Pi’s market share, the CHIP (heh-heh, SEE?) is aiming to make the Pi look pricey by comparison. The CHIP’s Kickstarter campaign has already LONG eclipsed its $50,000 goal, and as of me scheduling this story its approaching $1,160,000. Similar to the Pi, CHIP is a fully functional computer with a tiny board that houses a 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, which is great enough to power a full-fledged (read ‘light-weight’) Linux desktop computer. If you’re a tech-minded tinkerer and DIYer, there are included I/O pins waiting for you, making the possibilities almost endless… (more…)

The Triforce is Strong in this Disaster Responsive Shelter…

Courtesy of Urban Intensity Architects + TAArchitects + Kyungsub Shin

A Legend of Zelda AND a Star Wars reference? COMBINED?!?!? Yes. And you’re welcome.

There have been numerous architectural attempts to support people living through and displaced by a natural disaster. Typically, the result is recovering from the damage, but it is possible to, through innovative design, have a structure that can perform better in disastrous conditions or provide a better quality of life. For example, in November 2013, Super Typhoon Haiyan — which would set the record of the strongest typhoon as speeds of 397 km/hr — hit the Philippines hard and Tanauan suffered the most damage and lost almost 1,275 lives.  Consider that many of the buildings had metal plate roof systems, and in a typhoon, those metal plates became dangerous; rather than recover with THE SAME metal plates roof system, Urban Intensity Architects, TAArchitects, Kyungsub Shin started looking into an alternative. (more…)


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