Now That’s a LARGE USB Flash Drive…

Now That's A Large USB Drive

Nowadays, you can get a tiny USB flash drive with large storage capacities in the 512 GB range. Or, you can say “SCREW THAT,” and check out this USB flash drive that’s large in physical size, but not so much in storage capacity. Computer enthusiast Christopher Parish modified a vintage 1970’s-era “DEC RL02” drive — which is roughly as large as your basic PC case — so he could connect it to modern PCs via USB. Technically speaking, this device could very well be the largest (and heaviest) USB storage device on the planet. Just so you know, that removable large platter in the picture can only hold roughly 10 MB of data, so if you want to play Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC, you’ll likely need about 6,650 of those. Check out Christopher Parish’s video from Hackaday, showing how his fun, “little” USB project works:

Daaaaang Brutalist Architecture; Why They Be Hatin’ On You?

7 Endangered Examples of the Most Hated Architectural Style Ever

J. Edgar Hoover Building | Washington DC | Dave Pattern

Let me introduce you to Brutalism, the blocky unfinished concrete architectural style that was very common in cities around the world at one time, but is now buildings of this style are being demolished at an astounding rate.  From just looking at one of its buildings, one can easily assume that Brutalism got its name from its “brutal”-looking exteriors, it’s actually derived from the French term for béton brut, or “raw concrete” (still, the earlier assumption works).  That material was used by Swiss-French architect and Brutalism originator Le Corbusier in his genre-molding work during the 1950s, which served as a variant on the steel and glass of the Modernist era, but Brutalism’s windowless bunkers with chunky facades make them appears as impenetrable, permanent sand-castles. (more…)

Mothers: The 1st and Last Line of Defense…

Wade Barrett’s Retirement Is Already The Best Swerve Of 2015

If there’s one thing — ONE THING — that I absolutely love about pro wrestling, it’s the swerves.  From Shawn Michaels turning on Marty Jannetty, Hulk Hogan turning on Randy Savage and WCW to form the nWo, Stephanie McMahon embracing Triple H to turn on her father, Mark Henry’s false retirement announcement that suckered us all, to a certain incident that recently took place at a TV taping for Ring of Honor in San Antonio. #HailSabin! The above video of the exchange between Wade Barrett and (Adrian) Neville in England certainly ranks up there from not just swerving on the brief instance of trust established between these wrestlers, but the swerving on the fans in attendance as well.

Behold, The MOST IRRITATING Game About Parenting…

This Game About Being A Parent Is The Most Irritating Game I've Played

We have games were you can be the classic hero\heroine, be a sports superstar, and even simulate life as a piece of bread that longs to be toast.  However, there aren’t any games that can give you the true-to-life experience of what it’s really like to be a parent; that’s where the free game Jostle Parent comes in. Jostle Parent is a browser-based game made by Pippin Barr, whose work has been chronicled on Rock Paper Shotgun and Unwinnable, in which you control a parent with a number of duties concerning your three small children who have minds of their own; you know, like MOST CHILDREN. Read the rest of this entry

‘The Interface Experience’ Showcases The History of Computing

Nowadays, ou tech devices are faster and slimmer than ever before, while the collection of bulky, outdated computers serve as an amusing — and often evocative — look into the past. That’s the goal of The Interface Experience, an exhibition at the Bard Graduate Center‘s Focus Gallery in New York, as the exhibit aims to ignite that nostalgia with a myriad of vintage machines. Kimon Keramidas, curator and director of the digital media lab, hopes when people interact with this aging technology that they can think critically about how those devices led to their current devices. What’s also interesting is that unlike the “off-limits” display strategy of most museums, the machines at the exhibit aren’t behind glass and are working, as well as overhauled with custom programs to initiate exchanges between the user, the software and the hardware itself. Read the rest of this entry

Sou Fujimoto’s Polyhedral Naoshima Pavilion Opened in Japan

This is a building with a design so interesting and unique that just some write-up about it just won’t do.  Tokyo-based French architect and filmmaker Vincent Hecht decided to capture the opening of Sou Fujimoto’s Naoshima Pavilion along the Kagawa shoreline in Japan. The inhabitable, polyhedral, seven-meter, white stainless steel structure is part of the 2016 Setouchi Triennale. Check out the video below  to check out the video in its entirety.

Stampede Wrestling – Doc’D #20

In this month’s pro wrestling-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the the history and legacy of Stampede Wrestling. (more…)

SMU’s Greek Life Diversity Task Force is Ready for Showti…whoa, WAIT A MINUTE!!!

“All of these things are JUST LIKE the others….” Courtesy of Redditor u/KickerPride


Watch an Autistic Wrestling Super Fan Get The Prom Date Of Her Dreams…

Back in December, Amanda, a huge fan of IWA Mid-South, got asked to her junior prom by one of her very favorite wrestlers, Ace Perry. In their picture after the break, Amanda looks so beautiful, and by all accounts, she had an amazing time.  So congrats, Amanda for getting such a wonderful and awesome experience. Also, if you weren’t feeling a little emotional before, I apologize in advance because look at these kids. (more…)


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