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Triple H vs. A Random Kid

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Director Max Landis on Why Professional Wrestling is GREAT!

In this audio mash-up edited by Pedro F. Lopez, Jr. (@DroskyDEG) from the ‘American Wife’ and ‘Weird Adults w/ Little Esther’ podcasts, screenwriter Max Landis (‘Chronicle’, son of director John Landis) explains why he (and wrestling fans — like myself) love professional wrestling with WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler and help ‘Little’ Esther Povitsky understand that passion. Read the rest of this entry

‘Weird’ Al Yankovic: Grammar Police

Covers of Iraqi “Video Games” Will Make You Giggle!

IG 3Oh Iraq, what do you think you’re doing? If this is the work of some elaborate troll trying to make me laugh, you’ve done VERY well.

A huge shout-out to the crew at RocketNews24 for compiling this lovely roundup of Iraqi game bootleg cover art. Just take a look at Shadow of the Colossus; it has a guy and a horse in the actual game, but the cover shows the — WRONG guy and horse! I honestly cannot remember the Shadow of the Colossus / Dynasty Warriors 8 cross-over…
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Science vs. Engineering

Is This Real Life? RocketSkates Allow You To Zip Along at 12MPH!


Ok, Okay now; first off, while these motorized skates are NOT actually powered by rockets, the name alone gives you the image of what these babies can do!  Recently launched on Kickstarter, Acton’s RocketSkates contain four hub motors and can help you get your Sonic The Hedgehog-on at speeds up to 12 miles per hour. Plus, the RocketSkates don’t need a remote to operate; similar to your run-of-the-mill skates, these motorized godsends allow you to zoom along your local sidewalk hands-free.
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I Present To You… ‘Le Gogh’!

Get Lifted: The Barrakka Lift Project in Malta

This lift goes up SO HIGH; SO HIGH it’s gonna touch the sky…well, not really, but the story behind the Barrakka Lift Project (no, NOT this guy) is very interesting, though.  Commissioned by the Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation PLC and designed by Architecture Project, the 20-story-high panoramic Barrakka Lift Project is located along the edge of Malta’s historic fortified capital city of Valletta. Once fortified with walls from the 1700′s to deter enemy ships — with those same walls now being conserved to provide access to residents and tourists — this new lift tower will help enhance the large number of pedestrian traffic from the water’s edge along the Valletta waterfront, over the fortified walls, into the city and Grand Harbor, and linking the  Upper Barrakka Gardens and the new City Gate. Read the rest of this entry

Pavillion Neurobridges Alien Brawls- WIRed #108

It’s time for Episode 108 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses the shell-shaped Serpentine Gallery structure, the brain moving limbs without the spinal cord, the best review of Aliens: Colonial Marines, and the cancelled WWE Brawl video game! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Read the rest of this entry

The Part of Paul Bearer, Played by Roman Reigns


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