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PBS’ Game/Show on How Net Neutrality Effects Gaming

I’ve covered PBS Digital Studios’ YouTube series Game/Show before regarding the harm fanboys/fangirls cause the gaming industry, but the show also covers some other apolitical, light topics like the morality of cheating in games and love for all things Zelda.  In a recent episode of Game/Show, host Jamin Warren takes on the timely topic of net neutrality, and more specifically, how it impacts the gaming industry and ourselves, the gamers. Though this episode of Game/Show only focuses on the smaller part of the net neutrality debate from the side of online gaming and digital distribution, it’s a topic that’s relevant to gamers, tech aficionados like myself, and people who work, make a living, and spend time contributing and browsing the internet (also like myself). Read the rest of this entry

What $1450 of Rent gets you in Manhattan…

Credit to Redditor “EnticingPlague”

BEHOLD the Shape-Shifting Robots from Google & MIT!

Insert Google/Skynet joke here; I’m too tired to do it this time…

While the real-world and fictional robots we’re used to seeing are typically very rigid, it may not be ideal for some tasks.  We can create robotic machines that can contort and maneuver themselves to fit into smaller spaces while STILL remaining sturdy enough for strength-dependent tasks. By “we,” I’m talking about MIT and Google’s Boston Dynamics, as the parties have developed a composite material with the ability to switch change from hard and soft states whenever, wherever, INSTANTLY! Read the rest of this entry

Well, THAT Ended Quickly! #DontMessWithRousey

TKO…in SIXTEEN SECONDS…within the FIRST round.

Architect to Buy & RePurpose Orange County’s Government Center

Something I learned in architecture school at Texas A&M (WHOOP), is that when it comes to green/sustainable architecture, the greenest buildings are the ones that already exist.  So if a building is no longer serving its original purpose (or if people just plain don’t like the building), repurposing it is a great option, as is the case of Paul Rudolph’s brutalist Orange County Government Center in Goshen, California.  People either love or hate this building, and despite its eligibility for landmark status, its fate in undecided.  Enter Gene Kaufman, a partner at Gwathmey Siegal Kaufman Architects, who has offered to buy and repurpose the building. Read the rest of this entry

Barrakka RocketSkates KnockOff Wrestling Fandom – WIRed #109

It’s time for Episode 109 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses the Barrakka Lift Project, the new ROCKET-SKATES, knock-off Iraqi games, and why pro wrestling is more like Game of Thrones than the UFC! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling.
———————————— Read the rest of this entry

Triple H vs. A Random Kid

Director Max Landis on Why Professional Wrestling is GREAT!

In this audio mash-up edited by Pedro F. Lopez, Jr. (@DroskyDEG) from the ‘American Wife’ and ‘Weird Adults w/ Little Esther’ podcasts, screenwriter Max Landis (‘Chronicle’, son of director John Landis) explains why he (and wrestling fans — like myself) love professional wrestling with WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler and help ‘Little’ Esther Povitsky understand that passion. Read the rest of this entry

‘Weird’ Al Yankovic: Grammar Police


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