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The Original Chrome Incognito Man…

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10 Things We Learned on Andre the Giant’s Interview with David Letterman

A couple of weeks ago, the “CM Punk of ESPN” Bill Simmons mentioned on his podcast that there existed footage on YouTube of Late Show host David Letterman interviewing the “Eighth Wonder of the World” & the first inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame, Andre the Giant on his old late night show on NBC. After heading YouTube to find the video (which is not that difficult), I eventually found it and the interview was a joy to watch and was just wonderful. So, here are ten things that I learned/took from that interview, after the break. Read the rest of this entry

Don’t Miss The Urinal…

Ever Thought: ‘How Talented are the Mortal Kombat doctors…’?

I’ve been playing the Mortal Kombat games for well over 20 years now, and among all the times I’ve caused my opponents to spill gallons of blood, ripped out a fighter’s head and spine as Sub-Zero (my favorite character, or “Kombatant”), or set my adversary ablaze as Scorpion, they just keep on coming back for another round for kombat (intention misspell because “combat” is lame; “KOMBAT” is where it’s at). Also fascinated on this aspect of the fighting game series, the guys over at The Warp Zone produced a video to provide us with a look at the men behind the fighters’ de-mutilation for future and upcoming bouts. Read the rest of this entry

I’m A Christian. I Work At A Church. This is Hilarious…

Have ChooseMyPC Generate a PC Build within Your Budget!

ChooseMyPC Generates a Sample PC Build in Your BudgetWhen you’re building your PC for the very first time, it can be an overwhelming experience; mainly due to the wide variety of different components to choose from. Thankfully, to ease some of that confusion, the website ChooseMyPC can provide you a nice starting point by asking you a few questions, including whether or not you want to overclock, add a component drive, which operating system you wish to use, and what your project budget is. Read the rest of this entry

The Truth About Islands…

La Brea Affordable Housing, & It’s PURDY!

Now THIS is an example of architecture serving a purpose for the greater good.  Here’s the La Brea Affordable Housing project, which is a mixed use affordable housing project for formerly homeless LGBT youth, people living with disabilities and people living with HIV Aids. The buildings, housing 32 apartments arranged around a shared outdoor courtyard, massed at 50,000 sq ft and located one block north of Santa Monica Boulevard in the West Hollywood, maximizes density while allowing for ample outdoor space. The building provides at-grade parking and commercial space along La Brea Avenue is housed by the AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA), a non-profit group.  The site’s southwest corner expresses that area as a beacon of activity, PLUS it houses the circulation and other shared amenities for the residents. Read the rest of this entry

THE TIN MAN AS A HOUSE?!?!? – WIRed #126

It’s time for Episode 126 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a house inspired by the Wizard of Oz’s Tim Man character, my favorite features of VLC, get your Vampire Killer on in LittleBigPlanet 3, and Eric Bischoff’s latest wrestling project! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Read the rest of this entry

General Zod is Persistent…


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