Check Out this E-Waste Recycling Plant Demolishing your Dead Tech…

Watch Your Dead Tech Get Demolished at an E-Waste Recycling Plant

When you step inside a facility like this one in upstate New York, you’d see a series of conveyor belts transporting heaps of electronics — ranging from hard drives, laptops, old TVs, printers, medical devices, etc. — to and from shredders and sorters.  It’s called e-waste, which is made of millions of broken, dead, and obsolete gadgets, and sometimes much of the gadgets are either too toxic and/or too valuable to just chunk into a dumpster, sooooooo, they get recycled. At Hugo Neu Recycling, formerly the largest recycler of scrap metal in the country, they now specialize in e-waste, and much of their clientele are businesses who want/need to offload their junk. Plus, it’s also a grim and sobering reminder of just HOW MUCH waste is being produced by our society’s obsession with latest and greatest of electronics. Read the rest of this entry

She Got Game…

HEY LOOK! It’s Frank Lloyd Wright Competing on ‘What’s My Line!”

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 2.47.01 PM.png

Let me take you back. Way back. Back into time…. Almost SIXTY years ago  — on June 3, 1956, to be exact — one of the world’s most prolific architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, appeared as a mystery guest on the classic (and then-popular) CBS game show What’s My Line? The reveal came when a panel of four blindfolded contestants attempted to guess the identity of the famous then-89-year-old architect by asking him only general questions about himself. After Wright established that he was self-employed and performed a service, one man asked, “Is this service for both men and women?” Despite having some trouble hearing the questions, Wright had a great sense of humor, often delivering some self-deprecating responses, such as “Well, at least I think so.” Read the rest of this entry

Solid State Drives – Doc’D #18

In this month’s technology-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history and technology behind solid state drives. Read the rest of this entry

Lobby Scene from ‘The Matrix’ shot-for-shot in LEGO

Submitted by Redditor u/Snooperking

HEY GUYS! Here’s Hulk Hogan surprising Campers In 1985, Brother!!

QUESTION: Who wants to feel old and also realize how far pro wrestling today is from the ages of Rock & Wrestling of the 1980’s and the Attitude Era of the late-1990’s with massive pop culture appeal? Well, this is for YOU! Back in 1985, a fake Roddy Piper marched through a group of children for “Timber Lake Camp’s WrestleMania.” While the whole scenes just seems pretty innocuous, however, out Hulk Hogan, the Hulkster, the Real American himself, complete with is ripped Hulkamania shirt and his gold cross, with a hint of vague awareness of where he is. Needless to say, EVERY kid in this camp then proceeded to lose their freaking minds and go ape-wild! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hulkamania!
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Mr. Feeny was NEVER Wrong!

The ‘Mother’ Original Arranged Soundtrack is being Printed on Vinyl, Because WHY NOT!

Apparently the theme this week is ‘because why not,” sooooo….

Anyway, Mother (known as EarthBound Zero to us North Americans) had a very interesting official soundtrack had never been released outside of Japan….UNTIL NOW….in some capacity. Instead of just taking music straight from the game, composers Hirokazu “Hip” Tanaka (of Metroid & Kid Icarus) and Keiichi Suzuki (of Tokyo Godfathers) created a fully orchestrated soundtrack, along with the inclusion of English vocals from European musicians including Catherine Warwick, Louis Philippe, Jeb Million, and the Saint Paul’s Cathedral Choir. Much like the game series itself, the album is pretty bizarre and weird, but that’s the charm of the Mother series and that’s what makes it special. Read the rest of this entry

This Image is Not Safe For Work (NSFW)

Netflix stuffs its Video Service into an NES cartridge, Because Why Not?

Netflix engineers' DarNES project

Netflix (you know, that thing you use to watch House of Cards) holds an event called Hack Days, which often showcases some wonderful and off-the-wall experiments and projects, but I think this latest project TOTALLY takes the cake, the whole cake, and NOTHING BUT the cake! Engineers Guy Cirino, Carenina Motion and Alex Wolfe have created DarNES, a hack that turns the original Nintendo Entertainment System into a Netflix playback machine. I’ll just let that soak in for a minute…..The retro-gaming console from the mid-1980s remains unchanged, as the true secret lies inside a special 256KB cartridge. While you probably don’t want to watch a blocky, 8-bit graphic marathon of Arrested Development or Orange is the New Black, it’s still pretty cool to know that you could if you really wanted to. Read the rest of this entry


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