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Now THAT’S A Funny Birthday Card…

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If You EVER Wanted Windows 95 on Your Smartwatch…

…then, well, here you go, I guess…

Back when Windows 95 came out, it was an excellent operating system for a varied amount of task, though mine centered around typing reports for school and playing PC games (like the awesome Torin’s Passage). However, as time passed by, we now use Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and await the arrival of Windows 10, as Windows 95 has now become just a memory. Or at least it did until this interesting hack with Android wearable tech.
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Poor NyanDog…

The Tiantai #2 Primary School…WITH A TRACK ON THE ROOF!

© Yu Xu

To me, it’s always great seeing new schools popping up.  A new school usually means a beautiful environment that cultivates knowledge, culture, physical fitness, art and ethics for its students.  This is the TianTai No.2 Primary School, which strives for a unique design that will serve as a model school for elementary school children. The project also solves China’s key problem with building new, large structures; a shortage of land in an old city. Kudos to LYCS Architecture!

© Shengliang Su

Besides the embedded parking garage, the most visible element that demonstrates the space-saving design strategy of the school, is the 200m running track placed on the roof level, that would have used roughly 40% of the land if it was simply placed on the ground as your average playground — thus creating a very cramped campus. Simultaneously, the design ensures that the students still have a playground at the same level, as this design provides an additional 3000+ square meters of usable ground area and the oval shape of the main school building.  That same oval design creates a sense of inwardness, inclusion, community and security for the vast number of students.

© Yu Xu

The running track’s location on the roof allows for a height total of 4 floors in the building rather than the 5 levels that were originally intended and required.  This decrease in the number of levels allows the school building to create a more harmonious visual relationship between itself and the surrounding and existing urban context. The school’s site design — in which the building is rotated approximately 15 degrees — also allows for a more available green courtyard spaces by creating smaller pockets of space between the site wall and the exterior building envelope.

Back to the school’s main feature; the rooftop track has 3-layered custom safety guardrails creation installed to protect the students (you know, because they’re elementary children, notorious for their curiosity). the guardrails consist of an exterior layer of 1.8m high tempered glass wall, a middle layer of 50cm wide green belt, and an interior layer of 1.2m high stainless steel guardrail. In order to resolve and noise issues, a spring cushions is placed at every 50x 50cm point under the plastic track, resulting in the reduction of additional kinetic noise through a double-layer structure.

© Shengliang Su

[Thanks ArchDaily]

Death Green Museums vs The World – WIRed #121

It’s time for Episode 121 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses the design & engineering of the Death Star, the Rockefeller’s move to green energy, the Videogame History Museum in Frisco, Texas, and how WCW took on the WORLD…in a video game! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Read the rest of this entry

The Logic of Drivers who Tailgate (i.e. the “Butt Sniffers”)…

Soooo Many Memories of ‘WCW Vs. The World’…

File:WCW vs. the World.jpgLet’s be honest: at least in America, many of the professional wrestling games we got were mostly clones on 2D fighting games, and while some were decent, most were downright awful.  In Japan, they go to enjoy the spoils of the Fire Pro Wrestling series (for more, read THIS), a FANTASTIC pro wrestling video game series, and for those here in the states who knew of the FPW games, we wondered when could we get our shot at the title (game title, that is).  Well, after I got my PlayStation in 1998, one of the games I picked up at FuncoLand (remember them) was 1997’s “WCW Vs. The World,” and I WORE…THAT….GAME…OUT! Read the rest of this entry

How You TRULY Play ‘Duck Hunt’…

This is Reddit user NarcolepZZZZZZ’s 2-year-old daughter playing ‘Duck Hunt’ for the 1st time…

The Videogame History Museum is in Frisco, Texas?!? Yay!

I suppose it’s time for us gamers in South Texas to start making a pilgrimage to the Videogame History Museum.  What’s nice is that we won’t have to travel TOO far, but at this time most of its collection is in storage, and what we’ve been able to see concerning it was on cross-country tours at various gaming conferences and conventions. But in the near future, there will be a permanent public display, as the Frisco, Texas community board has approved a deal to give the Museum a 10,400 square foot location (roughly a bit larger than a baseball diamond) inside the city’s Discovery Center by this April, and then we retro gaming nerds can easily revisit some of the classic games and consoles that defined our childhood. Read the rest of this entry

Why You Shouldn’t Put That MacBook in your Pocket…


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