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One of My Favorite Scenes from “The Office” (US)

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Solidoodle Press: An Affordable 3D Printer That Looks Like a Home Appliance

Solidoodle Press: An Affordable 3D Printer That Looks Like a Home Appliance

I love that 3D printers have become all the rage (as well as the very awesome ways that the technology is being implemented), but aesthetically speaking, the bothersome thing about 3D printers is their look.  Many of them (if not MOST of them) just look like old, giant weird machines that don’t quite fit in with your office interior design plan, living room or anything along those line (sans a workshop in a shed or garage). Enter Solidoodle Press, with this new cute little 3D printer that looks much less out-of-place than your conventional 3D printer, and resembles more of an ordinary home appliance. I guess you can think of it as an Easy Bake Oven for adults. Read the rest of this entry

Gotham’s Reckoning…at a Bridal Party?

Tom Hardy waves at a bridal party while filming “The Dark Knight Rises” in Pittsburgh

The Reconstruction of Building Ostrava-Svinov; SHOW ME THE DISTILLERY!

Here in Ostrava-Svinov, Peterkova (long story short, the Czech Republic) there’s this reconstruction of the former small portable building with changing rooms designed by authorial team PROJEKTSTUDIO (with David Kotek, David Pospiech operating as the Architects in Charge and Jan Müller as Engineer) is located in an area of the former Svinov distillery  – Ostrava’s national monument. The facade of the 3638 square foot house — that was completed last year — is made of composite panels in with a mirror-like chrome color treatment, reflecting images of the existing hundred-year old distillery. With this interesting take on “masking” results in the newly-designed object becoming invisible – sort of like stealth-cloaking mechanism. Read the rest of this entry

PractitioNERD ReNERDsance: SocialMonsters.org take ‘A Look at US Homes’

shutterstock_66460345David J and the gang over at SocialMonster.org passed along this interesting article/graphic on American residential architecture from Massachusetts to New Mexico, taking a look into the melting pot of architectural styles that found their places in regions of the United States. Check out the entire article/graphic after the break! Read the rest of this entry


It’s time for Episode 113 of WIRed, where Montez McCrary discusses a conservative conservatory, a heads-up display for cars for smartphones, how Twitch beat ALL the Poke-Mans, and Kevin Steen’s Greatest ROH hits! Welcome to WIRed, bringing you the nerdy-geekery on architecture, technology, gaming, and pro wrestling. Read the rest of this entry

Possibly the BEST Amazon Review Ever!


WWE NXT Scouting Report for Recent Signee Kevin Steen  The news broke a while back that that indy wrestling marvel Kevin Steen was signed to World Wrestling Entertainment and will make his debut in the NXT division of the company soon.  Steen is the latest big-name talent signing to come to WWE, as he is a versatile in-ring performer, a magnetic talker and just a unique all-around talent. Hopefully, this is a sign of  WWE‘s dedication to building new stars regardless if they fit the typical Superstar mold, especially after the recent signings of Fergal Devitt and Kenta (in a sense, CM Punk — along with Daniel Bryan — DID change things). The Quebec, Canada, native has been wrestling for over a decade, beginning his career wrestling at flea markets outside of Montreal back in 2000, and has since become one of the most popular indy wrestlers and one of the most successful stars of Ring of Honor (which was helped since he held their world title for nearly a year).  But my words won’t do this guy justice, so here are a few videos to showcase the prowess of Kevin Steen, and hopefully what we can anticipate during is WWE tenure. Read the rest of this entry

God Bless Capitalism…

Twitch Plays Pokemon has beaten ALL the Pokemon Generations

Gamers, fans of gaming, and essentially humanity have completed something pretty awesome. A couple of  weeks ago, Twitch Plays Pokemon (TPP) completed Pokemon X, which means that the thousands of participants who entered a cluster of commands have completed and dominated EVERY generation of the main Pokemon series. Seriously, WHO NEEDS to create an artificial intelligence to achieve such greatness and cooperation (apparently Google does…)? Read the rest of this entry


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