Mutant Football League remake aims for late-2015 release! YAY!!!!

Almost a year ago, the announcement of the resurrection of the Sega Genesis classic, Mutant League Football (now titled ‘Mutant Football League‘) ended up not becoming a thing. SAD FACE. However, there exists new footage showing the game running in pre-alpha state, and despite a series of setbacks on Kickstarter, developer Digital Dreams hopes to release Mutant Football League in quarter 4 of THIS YEAR…. if it can get $750,000 in Kickstarter funding. The latest franchise tackling nostalgia for cash is the 16-bit-era classic series that combined over-the-top mutant violence with football, almost like NFL Blitz, but WITH MUTANTS! Read the rest of this entry

GLaDOS’ Take on Relationships…

Now Paralyzed People will walk, Thanks to Flexible Spinal Cord implants

EPFL's spinal cord implant prototype

Doctors are still aiming to help their paralyzed patients walk again through the use of implants stimulating their spinal cords, however current technology makes that impossible.  This is due to the stiff, unnatural gadgets that over time result in damaging or inflaming nervous tissue, but Swiss researchers may have resolved that problem once and for all. Their bendy e-Dura implant combines flexible electrodes (made of platinum and silicon microbeads), cracked gold electronic tracks and fluidic microchannels that deliver electrical impulses AND chemicals, all while mimicking the spine’s movements and avoiding friction. Test runs on paralyzed rats in lab tests resulting in them walking again after only a few weeks and continue to wear their implants after a two month period.
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How a Redditor Keeps Friends From Driving Home Drunk…

Courtesy of Redditor u/Schumannbr


Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Taliesin West’ Reconstructed as the Largest LEGO® Model

© Andrew Pielage Photography

It appears that over here at The PractitioNERD, that we’re sorta-kinda on a Frank Lloyd Wright kick recently. Personally, I blame the notion of Wright being considered as the world’s greatest architect, aaannnnddd that the first/returning episode of Document’D was all about the man. But now it’s time to combine the recent infatuation with Wright’s work, and something else that this site is known for covering; LEGO!!!

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The Walkman – Doc’D #14

In this month’s technology-themed episode of PractitioNERD Documented, or “Doc’D”, host Montez McCrary will be discussing the history, the awesomeness and the legacy of the Sony Walkman. Read the rest of this entry

Every Nintendo Character with a Dark Doppelganger…

Remember when Daniel Bryan joined the Wyatt Family? Yeah, Me Neither!

Daniel Bryan Joins the Wyatt Family

On the final Raw of 2013, Daniel Bryan did the unthinkable by joining the Wyatt Family. This came months after being ambushed and attached by the group and always falling short of victory.  In storyline, it made sense as Bray Wyatt is a manipulative mastermind and Bryan was at a mentally weak and existing time in his career. With Wyatt promising that they could take over the WWE together, it got plenty of people talking going into the new year…
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A Slap Gone Wrong (via a glorious glitch) in FIFA…

Honest Trailers TRIES To Make Sense of the ‘Kingdom Hearts’ Series; Succeeds?…

The latest video from the crew over at Honest Trailers focuses on gaming’s favorite high-speed collision of universes — namely the Final Fantasy and Disney ones — , Kingdom Hearts. As with most Honest Trailers, the popular mash-up gaming series comes out a pile of twisted metal, all in effort to make SOME SENSE of its convoluted storyline. Geez, and I thought following the Metal Gear Solid timeline was a chore, and I’m a HUGE FAN of that series! It’s fair to say that the trailer brings a very good question light: where’s the heck is the Pixar universe?!? Read the rest of this entry


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